Unique Yield Bearing Collectible NFTs of Species on the Polygon Blockchain.

Extinct Life NFTs

Extinct Life NFTs are much more than just collectible artwork. They provide equity to the Extinct Life treasury and are eligible for staking immediately after minting. Ownership of an Extinct Life NFT grants membership to exclusive channels and content. We believe in transparency and bringing like- minded investors together.


80% of Every NFT Sale Goes Directly To The Extinct Life Treasury!

Unique yield-bearing NFTs of endangered & threatened species live on the Polygon blockchain.

Building for the future

80% of NFT Sales Deposited Directly Into the Treasury

80% of NFT Sales will be used to grow the treasury and generate yield for our community.

Drop will be Priced at 150 $MATIC.

All Extinct Life NFT drops will be priced at 150 $MATIc with a minted supply of 10,000 NFTs per drop. 

Traded on DecryptNFT

Traded on DecryptNFT with plans to add develop an Extinct Life marketplace.


To acquire an Extinct Life NFT, users need to unlock a crate which holds their, randomised animal inside!

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Extinct Life!

Every species will have unique traits, with some rarer than others



Each NFT Minted with have an assigned APY dependent on rarity.


There are four categories; common, rare, ultra rare, and exotic.


Some species will have traits rarer than others, ranging from accessories, facial expressions, outfits, age, weight and backgrounds.