Unique collectible NFTs of species on the Solana blockchain

Extinct Life NFTs in conjunction with the WWF

Extinct Life is a charitable organisation aiming to improve and maintain the populations of endangered species in partnership with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). We are working with the WWF to achieve a shared goal; to stop the degradation of the world’s natural environment and create a world where humans live in unison with nature.


30% Of Every NFT sale goes directly to the World Wide Fund for Nature!

Unique collectible NFTs of species on the extinction list, live on the Solana blockchain.

Reducing Environmental Degradation And Protecting Endangered Species.

30% of NFT goes to WWF

30% of every NFT sale goes directly to the WWF to help achieve our shared goal of reducing environmental degradation and protecting endangered species.

Drop will be Priced at 2 SOL

All Extinct Life NFT drops will be priced at 2 SOL with a minted supply of 8,888 NFTs per drop. 

Traded on Solsea

Traded on Solsea with plans to add additional marketplaces closer to launch.


To acquire an Extinct Life NFT, users need to unlock a crate which holds their, randomised animal inside!

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Extinct Life!

Every species will have unique traits, with some rarer than others



Rarity is determined by the population of each species on the planet, scored between 0-100 (100 being extremely endangered).


There are four categories; common, rare, ultra rare, and exotic.


Some species will have traits rarer than others, ranging from accessories, facial expressions, outfits, age, weight and backgrounds.