Extinct Life Membership

Ownership of Extinct Life NFT comes with a membership role in the discord. Members have access to view all ongoing and proposed investments, as well as full transparency over ingoing and outgoing transactions from the treasury. Members will also have access to other exclusive channels in the discord server including customer support and a members-only chat room.

Our Team

Our dedicated Executive team consists of Clayton Cross, Mike Sexton, and Jack Bear who are all long-term crypto believers and want to make a mark in the NFT ecosystem.

Use 80% of the minting capital to grow the treasury


The treasury will be initially comprised of 50% $WETH & 50% USD stable coin/s. All subsequent collections by Extinct Life will use 80% of the minting capital to grow the treasury. The remaining 20% of minting capital will pay off previous development and go to the future development of Extinct Life. Assets in the treasury can only change via a community proposal with majority approval. Each Extinct Life NFT will represent 1 vote, therefore wallets with more skin in the game will inherently have more control. Founders will not reserve any Extinct Life NFT’s and will have to mint them in the public sale to obtain ownership. The treasury will have a mean average of <=20APY% across the whole collection although each individual NFT will vary between 1-100%APY based on rarity.