Our Vision

We believe NFT’s are the way of the future and that one day the deed to your house will be built into a smart contract. We see the unrealized potential for NFT’s that provide tangible utility and back it up with complete transparency. Far too many NFT entities in 2021 over-promised and under-delivered. We will deliver from day 1! Staking your Extinct Life NFT will be available immediately after minting so your investment can start working for you. Your NFT will represent a unique 1 of 1 membership card into an exclusive community of like-minded investors (of course this membership comes with equity). Extinct Life will be community-driven, which we identify as a key aspect in the formula of success and building a thriving community.


The artwork has been specially curated to reflect endangered and threatened animals across the globe. The name Extinct Life will represent our community values of building awareness of the plight of these animals which has been exacerbated by climate change and government ineptitude.